SecProp - Section Properties for AutoCAD

SecProp is an AutoCAD tool used to compute section properties of any section / shape about its centroid. SecProp command computes following properties:

01) Area of Section (A)
02) Moment of Inertia About Y-axis Centroid (Iy)
03) Moment of Inertia About X-axis Centroid (Ix)
04) Polar Moment of Inertia About Centroid (J)
05) Elastic Section Modulus About Y-axis Centroid (Sy)
06) Elastic Section Modulus About X-axis Centroid (Sx)
07) Plastic Section Modulus About Y-axis Centroid (Zy)
08) Plastic Section Modulus About X-axis Centroid (Zx)
09) Radius of Gyration About Y-axis Centroid (ry)
10) Radius of Gyration About X-axis Centroid (rx)
11) Centroid Location from Origin (0,0)
12) Perimeter of Section

Detailed Document for SecProp Command

Free Version

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SecProp for AutoCAD 2012   Downloads:  
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