• Nozzle Stress - WRC 107 (WRC 537) Tool

Pressure Vessel Nozzle Stress - WRC 107 (WRC 537) Tool

Nozzle Stress is a windows based software used to compute stresses in the cylindrical shell or spherical shell and nozzle or reinforcement pad junction due to external loadings subjected by attachment. The calculations are carried out according to WRC Bulletin 537 (WRC Bulletin 107).

Important Note: Buy each product in a separate order. Otherwise, you won't be able to activate the license.


1) Basic Features: Unit system (SI / FPS) | Open or Save Input file | Save Calculation Report in PDF

2) Shell Types supported: Cylindrical | Spherical

3) Nozzle Types supported: Standard Pipe or Plate Fabricated Pipe with or without Reinforcement Pad | Self Reinforced Nozzle Forging

4) GUI: Interactive Windows | Self-defined

5) 1 Year License.

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Nozzle Stress - WRC 107 (WRC 537) Tool

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